Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Procrastination

I'd like to say that I'm writing this post today to share wonderful, humorous stories, awesome photos, delicious recipes and must-need info.

But I'm not.

I am actually writing this morning to stall for time. I'm putting off my mundane chores just a little longer. I keep telling myself I'll get started at 7:00. Then 8. Now I've convinced myself it will be warmer and more sunny at 9.

I spent Saturday afternoon priming some peeling woodwork around some exterior doorways. Today they need a fresh coat of paint. So does my back door, the inside trim... and my entire kitchen needs painted (which is NOT on my To Do List today).

It's kinda cloudy today. Gloomy. The kind of day that begs for an old movie, a bowl of chili and a comfy blanket. It's the kind of day that is great for staring out the window at the falling leaves, reading a new magazine, sipping hot coffee and wearing fun slippers.

It's the perfect kind of do-nothing you don't really have to do day.

But I have to.

Because I can't even think about getting ready for my Halloween party until this necessary stuff is done. That's always been an unsaid rule here.
"You want a party? Well, when everything else is done you can start getting cutesie with the decorations and details."

I really want this painting over with, too. I know I procrastinate too often. Snow will be flying if I keep going at this pace. It has to be done today! (At least get started by 10)...

The boys (son and son-in-law) helped me get my Halloween stuff down from the garage attic Sunday afternoon. Eleven trash bags and two Rubbermaid totes! Do you realize how much work it is to get these jumbled bags of tombstones, body parts, lights and pumpkins into some sort of proper party hosting shape?

And, I'm going to be very honest here....You know what makes me mad?

The people who have been invited to my COSTUME party that tell me they might come- but not dress up.
First of all, I tried to make it easy this year. It's a Vampire's Ball. Everyone must be a vampire. Easy stuff. Black pants, black shirt (or hoodie, even!), a little makeup to the face and - Presto-Change-o, you're a vampire!

Maybe I'm being petty, but if I'm going to all this trouble to have a big party, I think my guests should go to a little trouble to create a costume.

Or stay home.

Okay- on to other things...My loving husband turned 60 Sunday. We were married when he was 24. We've seen a lot of years together and hope to see many more. I love that guy!

I just wish he could retire today. I'm ready to move to the cabin (even as little as it is) and spend our days doing what we want to do. Seriously. I would sell everything I have right now if we could go there and stay...

But trim needs painting. Garden needs picked. Laundry needs folding. Supper needs planned.

Coffee break is over.
See ya all soon.


Anonymous said...

Everyone likes to put their own spin on things you know...You set out rules for something clearly and they just do their own thing anyway. I guess the important thing is that they participate. We don't want a bunch of "yes men" for friends do we? Free thinkers. They are all free thinkers. Just like us.
Why not have a few black garments from the thrift shop on hand and some face paint so they can transform themselves once they get get there. Don't ask them, just point them to the appropriate place and say, "vampire up baby, everything you need is right there".

GAIL said...

Delores has a great idea of having extra costumes ready and waiting! Clever. And when they realize how much fun everyone is having that did dress up they will be happy to dress up too!
Keep that dream up front of living at he cabin in your thoughts. It will happen then the laundry, the painting, the garden, the yard....all of it..it can wait till tomorrow..or whenever!! That is the true difinition of RETIREMENT. Your day is actually yours to do what you want with it.
I know cause that is now my life and will be yours too.
Hugs, Gail

sisterlinda said...

I feel for you. I always have chores that can done later,tomorrow, maybe Friday or sometime next week. Some jobs actually get finished, others never seem to get done. I have no reasons....just excuses!(and it is not that I was out running 5 miles! lol)

Sure wish I lived close by to help out with the decorating for the Halloween Bash but if some of the kids show up Friday...put them to work! Cannot wait to visit and see what crazy ideas you have dreamed up for this year. Hope you get Samuel dressed and ready to party!

karla said...

I wish we were close enough to come - it always sounds like a blast! I cannot believe Eldon is 60 - guess he will always be stuck in my mind as he looked when we were kids growing up.

love you guys and hope you have a wonderful party. and, when you are done painting my back door jam needs a new coat


Joanne said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!
I hear ya about putting things off. I'm an expert at that. I would get angry too if I were having a costume party and people were going to show up without a costume. I say if they show up without one then you should sneak and tape a sign on their backs that says...."Party Pooper" Blessings, Joanne

Lola X said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x

Arlee Bird said...

I procrastinate procrastinating I'm so bad sometimes. Wait a minute! This post is a month old. Are you procrastinating writing a new one? Or did you start another new blog?

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