Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Okay...I'm Moving AGAIN!

I've taken these last few months off and it has given me time to consider my blog.

I had almost decided to quit- I felt detached from the whole blogging world.
But I also had time to realize that putting words together is just a part of me- its something I do better than singing or cooking or cleaning...

But the whole Blogarita concept gave the impression of a young, beachy, adventurous drunk gal who had a lot of fun things to share.
And I'm not any of that.
Not really.
(Plus- I found out there are other bloggers already using that title.
And here I thought I was being brilliant and original!)

So, I put together a new blog.
New title.
New header.
And it reflects a little more where I'm truly coming from.

Hope you'll like it.
And I hope you'll join me as I start the new year out with
Just The Way It Is .

Until then, may your Christmas bring great happiness,
small miracles,
good food
and loving friends.

And may the new year bring renewed promise...

See you January 2, 2012!!

LINK TO:   http://justtheway-rae.blogspot.com/

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Cold Shadow

There are lacy patterns of ice on the pond this morning,
floating like crystal doilies in a sea of calm gray.
The sky is a bleached blue, patched with wisps of winter clouds,
and naked branches reach up from the horizon to search for sun.

Where did the summer go?
How was it washed away like a watercolor dream?
What happened to the sweet perfumes, the intoxicating heat,
the euphoria that permeated the landscape?

I stand inside- looking out-
not even wanting to become familiar with this new world-
dismissing any intentions of being friendly.
I lock my door.
Turn up the heat.
Feel pity for everything that has died away with a flood of frost.

Suddenly, sunshine tickles the icy cattails,
makes beams of yellow amid the pine trees,
and pours it's golden treasure upon the surface of the pond.

The ice melts, its delicate netting breaks without a sound.
It dissolves like sugar flowers in the oyster-colored pond water.

A cardinal lands on the fence post like a fat, red kite.
And I celebrate its beauty.

I do not embrace winter,
but I will tolerate it.
And hold fast to dreams of summer-
forever plump with promises...

Monday, December 5, 2011

A December Day

The rain continues.

I'm thankful I can be inside today... Warm in fleece sleep pants
and sweater-slippers...
Pumped full of peppermint coffee, lingering snacks, and Christmas lists.

But, yet, there is part of me that feels lost.
Outside looking in...
I feel like this year is a big snowball that's rolling down the hill
toward an incinerator.

It's going to be gone soon.

Can I possibly slow it down?
Catch it?
Pull out all the good things and memories before it dissolves right before my eyes?

Can I?

I have missed my daily ponderings. I've found that I have less concentration. And my speech skills grow awkward when I go too long without writing. I suppose I need to exercise my brain...air those dreams...open my stuffy old heart and fly more often.

I've spent hours upon hours trying to design a better looking blog. I'm still not comfortable with this, but until I find better, this will do. I think it's more of a "foodie" design- with the spoon and fork....but I'm thinking for me it just signifies that I'm tasting life...trying to savor it...it's delicate moments...sweet...pink...laced with warmth...decorated with experiences and trials...
And hopefully in the new year- clean...new...bright...and soothing.
I'm not making plans or promises or "blog blueprints".
I'm just going to try to come here everyday and write what my voice feels-
but doesn't say aloud...
what my heart knows and needs to share...
what my days take from me, give to me, share with me.

The rain continues.

I sip my coffee,
stretch my legs,
and wander to the window to watch...